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And Just Who Is this Bradley Hoos?

Hoos Race Car Driver

With discomfort comes growth. Bradley Hoos, The Disciplined Entrepreneur, is here to help you during the most critical moments in your career – moments of discomfort. Without discomfort, there is no growth.  I’m here to help you get uncomfortable and support you as you continue to grow.


I’m a hard-charging entrepreneur and passionate leader that’s learned a lot over the years by making mistakes, challenging myself, and developing meaningful relationships with lots of amazing people. I’ve started companies, created & executed growth strategies for the big boys, and always sought new ways to drive execution.


Dad & Brad

As the proud son of a Navy captain, discipline has been part of who I am since day one.  I love to learn & at every turn I’m trying to gather more information. I’ve picked up a few degrees along the way including an MBA from The University of Chicago, an undergrad degree from Michigan State, and a masters from The University of Iowa.

I’ve never been (nor desired to be) the smartest guy in the room, but I’ve always found a way to make things happen. I’m glad to have you on board & look forward to making great things happening together through innovation, persistence, and of course – discipline.

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